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Atrial Fibrillation

Before we can find out about Atrial fibrillation treatment we need to first take a look at what atrial fibrillation is. Now we always hear them taking about defibrillators in movies and we then see the doctor preparing the patient that had a heart attack, for the shock of their lives. Now from movies we can kind of gather that you use the defibrillator for the heart, to get it beating again. So what exactly is Atrial fibrillation?

AF, as it is known, other wise known as atrial fibrillation is known as the most common heart rhythm that is abnormal. AF is diagnosed when a patient has a very fast beating heart, an uncontrolled fast beating heart, or an off beat rhythm, where the atrial or the upper chambers quiver instead of beat. A normal heart should beat about 60 to 80 times every minute, but with atrial fibrillation your heart will beat around 350 to 600 times per minute, which opens you up to some very serious heart attacks, if you have a weak heart. Many people do not know this but AF, or atrial fibrillation could also cause blood clotting, as the blood pools in the chamber because it is not released properly. It is reported that more the 15 per cent of people suffering from strokes and heart attacks is caused by AF.

Even though there are sever types of Atrial fibrillation treatments, it is said that there many of them might not work at all, and the treatments that do work will only be able to last of a brief period of time. The types of atrial fibrillation treatments you can choose from are ablation, cardio version, AF suppression and Medication.

Looking at them really briefly we will see that they all work to get the same results, but brief descriptions of each will be as follows.

Cardiac ablation, or just ablation is the first type and is a procedure that is used to help prevent electrical impulses from ever staring up in the heart at all. This is used as a precaution if doctors fear AF results. The second type is called AV nodal ablation. This is used to stop the upper chamber from affecting the lower chambers. After this is done the doctor will insert a pacemaker to keep the heart beat regular.

AF suppression is is used to simply suppress AF with the help of a pace maker. Cardio version, this can be done with the help of medication, which you will have to talk to your doctor about. The most popular medication are Beta Blockers.

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